Nyaowees are creatures living on an island named Shellpurr. They are mysterious creatures, having their own thriving community in a world full of mystery and challenges.

Nyaowees is a special kind of NFT. Only 1024 (1/1) Nyaowee NFTs are made. Individually created, animated and designed with different colorways, each having unique traits, names and personalities.

Nyaowees is an experiment on Game development and community building. Nyaowees becomes the way the community and developers unite to create something new and fresh.

For the complete utility, perks and roadmap please check our Nyaowees Whitepaper and Roadmap:

Nyaowees Utility

  • Holders earn dividends from 50% Royalties of all the next Nyaowee Universe NFTs
  • Holders will get every video game that Hypermike Games makes FOR FREE, FOR LIFE
  • Holders get to jumpstart and seed fund our game development initiative and be part of the development and growth of the dev team and the community.
  • 5% $SHIB burns for $SHIB purchased Nyaowees.
  • 10% of Royalties will be donated to Pet Shelters.
  • Other bonus surprises and gifts!

Hypermike Nyaowee Universe Roadmap:

  • 2022 January 29 - Start of Nyaowees release
  • 2022 Q2-Q3 - BearWitch NFT Release, 1st game Pre production, SteamWorld NFT Production
  • 2022 Q3 - First Game Alpha Build, Release of Steam World NFT
  • 2022 Q4 - First Game Beta Build, New NFT Production(decided by Community)
  • 2023 Q1 - First Game Release (PC. Steam, EGS, mobile?)
  • 2023 Q1-Q2 - 2nd Game Pre-production, New NFT Release
  • 023 onwards- More Games, Earnings and Perks for NFT Holders

Team Vission

What is Hypermike Games?

Hypermike Games will be first and foremost a team of avid gamers, passionate artists, and hard workers that will use every opportunity to learn, create, and add to the repository of intelligent amusement. Our vision is an independent game development studio sustained by a thriving community of diverse game enthusiasts through ownership, trading, and rewarding of in-game NFTs. Our mission is to produce our very own virtual universe of unique and engaging worlds by melding the mainstream, the traditional, and the unexpected in every project.

This is a unique initiative where the NFT collector community, gamers, and developers, cooperate with each other and form a unique collaboration to develop games with blockchain technology.

Team Vission

Team: Our team grows with the growth of the community. Here are our current core members at the start of the project:

Hypermike - Gamer, Game artist and designer, eats video games like wagyu steak.

Halalily - Cheerdealer, O2-to-CO2 converter, lives on sci-fi, hates mornings.

Greggy - Web Designer and game developer, loves his pets.


Coming Soon!

As we are going to collaborate with the community, please feel free to join our discord server for us to build new games with you. For the Nyaowee holders, join the discord To claim your role as pioneers of this new initiative. Let's build a Nyao World!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are blocks of data in probably any format that is certified for “non-fungibility” by a blockchain entry. By non-fungible meaning that it cannot be interchanged with or mistaken for any other block of data so long as it exists on the network. These tokens can be traded (and destroyed) within the blockchain, realized into physical artifacts traceable to the digital version, and yes, have all the potential of tangible, real-world assets to accrue value.

NFTs are not immune to forgery and it is strongly encouraged never to skimp on due diligence before investing in any asset, let alone NFTs. The Hypermike team puts premium on quality and integrity and has poured all guts and ground coffee into creating each Nyaowee so that each Nyaowee is not only unique but an original.

What are the goals of Hypermike Games? Of the Nyaowees project?

The goal of Hypermike games is to create a unique game development ecosystem where the community, gamers, and developers collaborate to develop and realize awesome games with the help of NFTs. The Nyaowees NFT project is the contract of collaboration for everyone who holds it and the development team.

How do I get my very own Nyaowee?

You will need a crypto wallet which connects to Opensea and you could go directly to our collection page and mint or bid on currently listed items.

Got my Nyaowee. What do I do now?

Congratulations for owning this unique NFT! Join our discord and verify your wallet to claim your new role! And hang around a bit, lurk in the channels and connect and chat with us. Be Nyaowee! Let's build a Nyao World!

If I become a Nyaowee NFT owner. How do we receive free games and perks?

The best thing about NFTs is that the creators can track the holders of the NFT and we can send or drop the Nyaowee holder's wallet a special NFT that contains the code in order to claim or download the free games. We will announce every release in the proper channels

Are you making an NFT Game?

It depends what you mean by NFT game. We can use NFTs as things in-game but we can also design the game as it is not a play-to-earn game. We want the gamers to enjoy and not feel like working, but also, since this is a collaborative game development endeavor, we would want the community to decide what game they want to make and work together to make it happen. Let’s build a Nyao World!